“More than Talk” Why Now?

I’m having a hoot writing our debut book. It’s called “More than Talk” and will be the definitive handbook for today’s leaders.

What makes our book different from previous bestsellers in the same genre is that it’s about understanding the complexities of our global community, with a focus on baby-boomer leaders and the 20-something workforce.

We think it will be essential reading for anyone wanting to develop their leadership skills.

So why have I decided to share my experience now?

After growing up with the technology industry and working with leaders that make the world a better place for the past twenty-years, we have something to say, to teach and to offer.

Global companies, including Google, NetApp, Facebook, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Yahoo, Airbnb, Path, Dropbox, Gilt City, Starwood, Cisco and Juniper have trusted us to work hands-on with their leaders, creating messages, coaching on public speaking and overseeing the development of tailor-made systems of communication.

Aristotle and Socrates always talked about how the teacher learns from the student. And we have. Thus the book.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about it soon.


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