Leaders Must be Aware

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, once shared a great story about leadership.

It demonstrates a simple realization: when you are in a leadership role, you can’t risk letting your guard down. There is no room for flippant remarks. Economist and former US Secretary of the Treasury, Larry Summers was walking through Goldman Sachs one day. He leaned over a trader and commented: “Huh, gold looks good.”

The next day Larry was having breakfast with the President of Goldman Sachs, perusing the New York Times.

Upon hitting the business section, he was confronted with a big headline about Goldman Sachs buying a lot of gold.

Larry put the paper down and asked, “Why did you buy so much gold?”. The President replied: “I heard you said it looked good.”

The point here is to know that your voice carries in a different way when you are a leader.

A leader must always be aware of their power and impact.


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