The Power of Nice

The powerful kind of nice isn’t touchy-feely, or disingenuous. It is responsible. And it’s a discipline, because it takes effort: most of us think about ourselves more than anybody else.

The intent to be nice has to be real, even if it is a pain in the butt.

The other day, a customer told our new employee that he could choose whether or not to drive to their location (50 minutes away, rush-hour traffic, on a Friday). So he asked me if he should go and I told him:

“Don’t go if it’s going to kill you. But it’d really be nice if you did go down. Part of being remarkable is choosing to do what you don’t have to do.”

So he went, met with the customer, and came back walking two feet off of the ground because of how pleased they were with him.

They didn’t expect him to be there. It wasn...

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